About Us

Date Nighto

Date Nighto was founded in 2013 by Conrad Kreyling and Lindsay Woods with one goal in mind: allow independent creators to deliver high-quality, Japanese-style visual novels to a Western audience. We want to create a community of friends who love beautiful art, compelling stories, and playing games wherever and however you want.

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Conrad Kreyling

Founder, Technical Lead

Conrad is an experienced mainstream game developer, who loves visual novels and bringing cuteness to the world. Claims to have once seen a ghost, but is lying.

Lindsay Woods

Founder, Art Director

Lindsay is an animator, illustrator, and webcomic creator. She loves shouting at anime boys on the TV and shouting at anime boys in real life. She sees ghosts all the time.


htmlVN is the engine we use to bring Date Nighto visual novels to any modern browser, whether you want to play on a smartphone, a tablet, or your home computer. By making browser games instead of app store apps, Date Nighto can publish games for all ages and tastes.