Beach Island

Jul 1, 2015
Teen and Older

It's only your first week on the job at ASD Technologies, but you've already crash-landed on a deserted island with three of your coworkers and essentially ruined the company retreat. Can you make it home from Beach Island? Will you find love along the way?

A Date Nighto Tech Demo

Created for Amanda Cosmos’ International Love Ultimatum gamejam, Beach Island was drawn, written, and programmed entirely during the month of June 2015. It features vibrant digital art, a quirky little dating simulator, and the streamlined visual novel technology that Date Nighto offers.

Unlock the Secrets of Beach Island

Befriend or beware: the ladies of Beach Island have their own goals and ambitions. Who will help you escape the island? It could be Muriel, the ambitious tomboy with a crafty eye, Vera, the shy engineer with a passion for electronics, or Esther, the pragmatic single mom who only wants to go home. Learn about each of your new coworkers, explore the island, and solve the mystery that will help you escape.

Play How You Want

Sign into your account to play Beach Island on any modern browser: with a desktop computer, a phone, or tablet. Your save information and any routes you’ve unlocked are safe with us--no download needed!

Brought to You By

Jo Fu
Writer, Character Art
Conrad Kreyling
Programming, Backgrounds
Used under the Creative Commons License